The Columbus marathon…

is tomorrow.  I still have bronchitis.  I’m freaking out.


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3 responses to “The Columbus marathon…

  1. narcoleptic

    You’ll do fine! You worry wayyy too much “Ray of Sunshine,” it’s not like you’ve never done this before. I have faith in you . . .

  2. Is it wise to run with bronchitis?

    (Spoken like a non-runner, I know…)

  3. Thanks, Narcoleptic. I appreciate the sentiment.

    And, yes, twitches, it is stupid to run with bronchitis. I finished, but poorly. And now I can’t breathe. But, I’m a runner. And being a runner means you’re sort of stupid. But, hey, if this whole escapade kills me, I can be burried with a pretty nifty metal.

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