Poetry Thursday: in the news

The Bomb

Push it underground,
bury it then set it off.

Put the world on notice
that you are one

with power.  Destruction
unparalleled, and ignored.

The world forces sanctions
that leave the innocent

hollow and cold, like the shells
of the bomb they suffer for.

And no one thinks to free
these people, to repeat a war

we’ve fought before
again, but then

they finally ask
for proof.


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5 responses to “Poetry Thursday: in the news

  1. Leo

    I feel the same way. Hopefully things will not get out of hand in this situation. God knows, we do not need another war.

  2. wonderfully written poem
    nice blog layout!

  3. “you are one with power” is a great line.

  4. “that leave the innocent hollow and cold”…always the innocent that suffer for power..great poem…thanks for sharing..m

  5. How eloquently you state the sentiments that I think many of us share. Well done.

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