I am a ray of sunshine

Ever seen that commercial for Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits?  The one where the sun is on the way to work?

I am a ray of sunshine.  It’s a hard job, but necessary.  Where would you be without light, without warmth?  A ray of sunshine has many occupational hazards.  Taking a day off is hard, because you need coverage.  Not every area is the same, either.  The rays of sunshine in Alaska, for instance, have a great vacation package.  In tropical areas, there are longer hours, Midwestern rays get more chances for seasonal work. 

As a ray of sunshine, most people will think that you are all fluff.  That you’re transparent.  Rarely, you will get the chance to show that you can carry it all on your shoulders. Something will happen, and you will be needed, and you sill stand up and take on the weight of another world.  A ray of sunshine can save lives.

It’s an underrated quality.  People will take a ray of sunshine for granted because it looks so easy.  As a ray of sunshine, a part of the job is to make it look easy.  Who wants a ray of sunshine that is sweating and grunting over the task at hand?  It’s a job you take home with you.  And it can be draining, and it can be exhilarating.  But only if you can be.


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3 responses to “I am a ray of sunshine

  1. This is an amazing blog. I’m putting you on my blogroll.

  2. Thank you, cinemagypsy. I had a nice afternoon reading yours the other day, too.

  3. You should think about publishing some of your work if you haven’t already.

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