Fruitless Searching

Just a few more searches that that found this site:

Foreskin Blog
sexy sex poems (written just like that, at least twice a week)
little sex poetry
sunscreen drink beer
job quitters
licking armpits

I just thought you should all know, keep searching, people.


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8 responses to “Fruitless Searching

  1. Hilarious. I’ve been surprised myself by the freaky criteria people have used to find me. It’s a big world.

  2. With the questions that people send to your site, I’m not suprised at all that you get odd search terms.

  3. Well, I have read some unsexy sex poems…

  4. I know that I make it a goal that every poem I write that features sex is as unsexy as possible.

    Even though that sounded like a joke, it wasn’t.

  5. Licking armpits? Now there’s a fetish I hadn’t thought of before!

  6. Leo

    licking armpits???

  7. Licking armpits? Okay, that one slays me.

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