This is how I feel.  Right now I think there could be blood seeping from beneath my eyelids.  A friend told me not to run today.  Like a stubborn jerk, I refused and ran.  I felt like I had little specs of metal in my lungs.  Grrrr.

In much better news, I just got a kitten.  I haven’t named her yet, but she is cute and she likes to try and sleep in my armpit.  I’ve never had a kitten before, and this one is really young.  She is white with ginger tabby spots. 

My job has been hectic lately, and so I have had no time to do any writing, which has left me at a loss for poetry thursday this week.  Oh well, though.  These things happen.  Later, I plan on writing a review of the kick ass craft show I went to last weekend, the Craftin Outlaws.


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4 responses to “Exhaustion

  1. Leo

    Hope you feel better.
    Congratulations on your new kitten! Cats are the best. We have one and have no complaints…Let us know what you name her.

  2. If she likes to sleep in your armpit, perhaps you should name her after a deoderant. Secret? (Personally, I use Degree, but that’s a stupid name for a cat).

  3. Thank you both for the reccomendations. As I use Ban, I think I’ll pass on your great suggestion, twitches. I’ve been caught between Lemonhead (that’s really how her head is shaped) and Yogakitty (she is constantly streaching.).

  4. I can relate to exhaustion. Hang in there!

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