Nearly there…

Today, I ran the Homestretch 20 miler.  Also known as the longest training run I will do before the Columbus marathon in October.  I chatted with other runners on the course, cheered on the fast people who were on their way back as I just sweated my way to the turnaround point. 

I met a lady who told me she started running in her late fifties.  I told her that I hope to be just like her one day.  She’s 65 now.  This will be her tenth marathon.  I also saw a girl I knew in High School.  She is incredibly tall, so of course she is faster than I.  This will be her first marathon. 

While I was out there running, I thought about things.  I thought about the story, which is nearly there, too.  I thought about the protagonist, and what her fate will be.  being a very low tech runner, I didn’t wear a watch or heart monitor, or any of that.  I don’t like knowing how far I have to go.  I think I tend to work the same way writing.  While I develop plots vaguely, there is always an,”and then,” that I haven’t figured out.  I do over-develop characters, though, and have to go back and change things later when they start acting odd.  Or acting out, I suppose.  No one ever wants to be what I think they should. 

Well, I finished the race in 3:43.  Not bad, not great, but not bad.  I guess I’m looking at about 4:50 for the marathon.  I wanted faster, but I don’t think it’s possible just now.  This past week has been really hard.  I’ve been tired, and the cooler weather has made everyone start to act out.  I’ve been withdrawn.  I need to eat something.


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4 responses to “Nearly there…

  1. I like what you said about your characters “acting out.” Mine do that, too, and it surprises me sometimes. I’m like: WHAT do you think you’re doing?! Stop that!

    And of course they don’t stop, and the story changes, and so it goes.

    Congratulations on finishing the race today. I’m excited to hear about the marathon in October. Now please eat something!

  2. Yes I agree…Eat!

    Characters are funny. Once you create them, they have a mind of their own. The only way to get them to stop jumping off the page, is to kill them off.
    Good luck!

  3. Congrats on finishing your run! And possibly your story.

  4. Thank you all. I’ve been having trouble buckling down and editing lately, but reading your encouragement really helps…

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