What is it?

I’ve been imagining a knocking at the door every night for a week.  What is that all about, I wonder.  It wakes me at odd hours, this knocker.  Some nights, the knocking is quite loud, and I think that it is at the window by the bed.  I used to have dreams that I was running in a race and was stuck in slow motion.  I lost weight and started running and these stopped.  What are the knocking dreams looking for, though? 

It has happened that someone found this site by searching for me.  I’m finally a destination, not just a surprising stop along the way.  Now, if only I knew what I am looking for.  Perhaps it’s the Ducky Derby.  I’ll have to go and see.


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5 responses to “What is it?

  1. Like the new look!

    “Opportunity knocks,” perhaps? Nah, that’s too obvious. Maybe someone’s admiring your knockers.

  2. That’s… strange. I like it. Something must be about to happen. I wonder what it is.

    I like the new look, too—nice and clean, and the “Wonderland” pic up top is great.

  3. Thank you both. For a reason I cannot decipher, though, when I reconfigured the sidebar, it cut out a few links….

  4. Is there something in your life thats “knocking on your door” and you’re trying to ignore it? Your subconscious could be telling you something.
    Just a thought…

  5. A knock at the door. So many ways to think of it, but I tend to associate it with something ominous. Too many scary movies I guess.

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