The Poetry of Another

Letter from the down-on-her-luck-mother

I did everything you asked.
When I was seventeen, and I stopped
I took the choice that you said
                                       was right.
In school the teachers all said
I was stupid, and I left to make
their lives easier.  I was just taking
                                      up space.
Like now, you’re telling me
to get a job, any job, to work
work work.  You can’t tell me
to do this and watch my son,
how to pay the daycare, how to fix
my car.  I don’t know any of the hows.
                                     I’m a legacy,
my mother showed the way
to take this system, to stay with the kids
like a dirty June Cleaver.  You’re taken aback by
                                                         my anger.
The anger you created in the welfare
line, the condescending workers, and by shouting
about all the chances you’ve never handed me.


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6 responses to “The Poetry of Another

  1. Interesting, I can half understand what you mean. This was incredible!

    You’ve created a fan. I will now look forward to your future posts.
    Another score tonight.

  2. “like a dirty June Cleaver” is awesome!

  3. Gosh you’ve caught that predicament well. Very thought provoking.

  4. Its a very realistical portrayal of your emotions and that makesit a great poem. I liked the title…
    best wishes!

  5. This is really good. I’d have to agree with Crafty Green Poet that you portrayed this well and it is though provoking. I hope for only good things for you and your son in the future to come.

  6. So, the poetry thursday prompt this week was to write as another person. I have no children. I do have a job, though, finding jobs for these women. Thanks, though.

    And thanks to everyone who has liked this so far. It’s rough, but there is potential.

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