Poetry Thursday Blues

True Blue 

The sky hung above her,
the deep velvet blue of it
studded with silver.  It will drop
at any second to crush

the world around her.  That blue,
so cool, soft, yet heavy.
It’s the weight she longs for
as she lays in gravel
and stares past his shoulder.

One star, a pale blue cast on
that deep night, blinked in the rhythm,
his rhythm, that brings her to tears.

So he leaves her turning
that same blue.


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8 responses to “Poetry Thursday Blues

  1. I like this a lot, although I think it would be stronger w/out the last stanza.

  2. jzr

    Very nice! I agree with Elaine about that last stanza.

  3. why is she lying in gravel? intriguing.

  4. Jen

    I like the last stanza.

    A melancholy poem, befitting the blue prompt.

  5. I like this one as well, but agree with the first two comments about the last stanza. it’s not that I don’t like the last bit, I just don’t understand how it fits. thanks for the post.

  6. Great ending! I liked the last stanza best, so there ya go.

  7. Thank you everyone. I’m still going back and forth about the last stanza. I appreciate the advice.

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