Jesus is searching

How this search pinpointed this blog, I’ll never know:

 Jesus is looking down on you poems

I am certain that this person did not find what they were looking for.  As a matter of fact, they probably found a little something that they never wanted to find.  Especially as sexy sweaty armpits and more sex were the top two posts when they found me.  Oh, the look of shock that must have registered when they read a little of what was here. 

Although, they probably did leave thinking, “Jesus is certainly looking down on that individual, looking down and shaking a finger.”

I’ve always had a complex relationship to religion.  I’m not certain what I believe, and I do not look down on the beliefs of any one else.  I do look down on individuals who try to force their beliefs onto others.  We’ve all probably met people who try to make us believe what they do.  People who rarely want to hear our own versions of reality.  These individuals I am thinking of (Ahem, BUSH, ahemrepublicans ahem fanaticsahem) want to make laws and enforce rules that are based on morals instead of ethics.  There is a difference. 


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4 responses to “Jesus is searching

  1. So, are you just doing this search string experiment? Has your site traffic gone up (well, why wouldn’t it with sexy armpits?)

  2. Actually, I’ve been writing little stories about what people search for ever since I started this blog. Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker does it, too. I find it to be a good little writing warm up. Sort of like flash fiction. It has nothing to do with increasing readership.

  3. Someone today was dissing Democrats, saying that they want to “tell people what to do.” I just had to point out that Republicans want to tell everyone what to believe – some conservatives don’t even notice this little sticking point, because surprise, surprise, they agree with the Repub’s religious platform. Funny how some (on both sides, to be sure) only notice the ways you’re being “forced” when you disagree with those doing the forcing.

  4. after thought of you, a poem.

    ALSO, I am distrubed by what people use to get to me. people are scary sometimes and you get this weird glimpse into their personal anonymous internet life. icky at times.

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