Sweaty Sexy Armpits

Yet another search that branched into this site.  (I doubt it ended here).

She has a condition that leads her to produce an excess of sweat.  It drips from her armpits and down her sides like tears.  She applies and reapplies deodorants and antiperspirants and still stains all her clothes.  Last night, her boyfriend licked her armpit, and her self-perception shifted.


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7 responses to “Sweaty Sexy Armpits

  1. Ha ha – what a funny search term. Love how you can transform anything bizarre into something interesting.

  2. Thank you both. I get a huge kick out of the odd terms people search for, and my natural curiosity takes me places…

  3. Very clever — beautiful redeeming twist. Love the Duhamel, much enjoyed. She is something.

    – Nic

  4. Thank you, nic. I know there has been a lot of gratuitous sex on this blog lately. But lately, (and always) that is what people are searching for. I get a kick out of the search terms, as I’ve said before.

  5. calvin

    ma number is 256772583172

    and i want a stubbled pit to lick , ill pay for every minute of it

  6. calvin


    i need em pits to lick

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