The poetry of time

I usually love wordpress, but today I am angry.  It erased another of my posts.  Grrr. 

Anyway, Poetry Thursday’s assignment: time.  What I don’t have a lot of: time.  Here’s the work, though.


She’s running with the edge
of the world crumbling at her heels.
With every step she reaches
out for new ground that falls
beneath the weight
of her hope.


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3 responses to “The poetry of time

  1. oh man…. and just when I was getting ready to take the leap into wordpress

    the poem reminded me of the song ‘slip sliding away’: the nearer your destination the more you go slip sliding away.

    regardless of wordpress and the ground crumbling beneath you; your blog layout is nice and clean; easy to read…

  2. Great site you have here. I went ahead and bookmarked it and had fun with one of your other poems. And I appreciate the heads up on the missing blogs. I’m new to this blog thing but thanks to your warning, I’ll definitely make sure I back up my own writings on my word processor. 🙂

  3. Hmm…is this something that came to you while you were running, I wonder…

    Love the “crumbling at her heels” bit.

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