Getting over Lust

Yes, this is how one person found this site.  And so, I shall write him/her a poem.

There are cold showers,
and walks in the rain.  There’s that guy
you call who knows just
what to do, and baseball.  At least
you can finally organize
your closet.  When it’s love,

you can cry and talk
with friends about it, but they tire
early of lust, and no matter how
intense, it rarely makes one cry.


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2 responses to “Getting over Lust

  1. Very nice. Love the ending, beginning with “but they tire early of lust.” Great that you were inspired to write this from someone’s searching.

  2. Thank you, twitches. You always give the best comments. They make me want to write twice as much. Your work has been great lately.

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