Greatest Poems part II

Ok, so we have the O’hara, and now : Rich.  Adrienne Rich.  I’ve already posted a bit from Integrity, which is on the list.  So here is For Ethel Rosenberg:

She sank however into my soul     A weight of sadness
I hardly can register how deep
her memory has sunk    that wife and mother

like so many
who seemed to get nothing out of any of it
except her children

You should really read the whole thing.  It is fantastic, the way that she takes this shared historical event and exposes how is was and continued to be a personal experience for thousands of American women.  Later, there are lines about how the speaker felt on her wedding day, the sacrifices that we are used for.  Events like the ones she choses to write about force us to look at our own lives and examine.  Her poem White Night also is on the list, great stuff.  96 to go. 


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5 responses to “Greatest Poems part II

  1. There was a poem of hers I read in my 12 th grade english text book that I loved. I had it copied , but where it go to?? I feel I have to figure this out.

    BTW…I have been looking forever for a collection of poems by Cookie Mueller (John Waters fame, columnist for Details magizine among others….) that I had in High School. It was published locally and was called Sidewalks and ??? I can’t remember. Foolishly I lent to a girl I knew and never got it back. I even know her son well and he doesn’t know what I am talking about. Any suggestions when I can’t remember the publisher or the title correctly??


  2. nice selection. thanks for doing this. It is edifying for me.

  3. Hi, and thank you for the comments. I’ve been enjoying this project, though it has decreased the odd things I say that tend to draw in odd searches.

    Closed, you could try the library of congress online catalogue, but if the book was published locally it might not be there. the site is

  4. lightcontrast

    Nice poem. The name sounds familiar.

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