Poetry Thursday and Unfinished conversations

This week’s prompt is about unfinished conversations.  I have a few things, so let the stanzas start.

 The Automatic Door

They stupidly stare
at one another
standing in the automatic door
of the small town grocer.

Three long years
of blue black silence
and here they meet.

She’s wearing the wrong
shoes for such
an auspicious moment.

His hat is too dirty.
Looking at her,
he only sees
stone grey eyes

he used to look down at
and small hands           tiny scars
chipped nails,
ink on the middle
finger of her right hand.

Behind her, the doors open
and close repeatedly until she
says goodbye again, an end,
and walks past him, onto the rain
soaked parking lot asphalt.

So, that is one unfinished conversation brought to a close.  And here is another:

After the Storm

She tried to take it back, to convince
them that they had heard things, misunderstood.
Her mother and father would not brush
the accusation aside, and fired the babysitter
that evening, paddled her brother
but left her home alone with him.

There will be more bruises, terror,
all of it unseen, ignored even.  They will wish
they’d never heard what she said
beneath her breath in the back seat
of the car.  They’ll never tell her
what they told the babysitter
how she responded, and they always

suspect her of lying, because that is easier
than believing her truth.


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7 responses to “Poetry Thursday and Unfinished conversations

  1. Your first poem reminds me of Dan Fogelberg’s “Same Old Lang Syne”–this is a compliment, as I love that song…I think we’ve all been there where we’ve bumped into and old lover or friend at the wrong moment after years of not talking, and you really capture that.

    Your second poem really makes the reader think (in a good way)…I love how you reveal just enough of what the speaker is going through but that you let the reader wonder about some things…I was going to say there’s a lot of anger bubbling up but the better word is “terror”–there’s a quiet terror to this poem…I just get this sense that the speaker is on the verge of breaking, and I’m in awe with how you accomplished that.

  2. I especially like the first poem…it is such a familiar moment and you capture it beautifully…how they used to be so well known and now there is just distance.

  3. I love them both! The link worked fine for me BTW–

    Lovely lovely poetry here.


  4. Oh the awkwardness of that chance encounter! You’ve captured it perfectly, but there was such a great resolution arising from it, how she leaves it all behind her, foraging onward.

    The second poem caused a heavy sigh, the difficulties brought about by truth, captured in the line “suspect of her of lying, because that is easier/than believing her truth” Great work!

  5. That second one has a real immediacy to it, a seething undercurrent. The first one is more peaceful, and resigned, as if closure has been reached. But the second one, no closure there. An interesting juxtaposition between these two.

  6. Thank you all for the comments. I always like to know if the work I post hit the target or not. I’ve really been enjoying all of your posts this time, too.

  7. TWW

    Your poems are delicous, like I want to curl up in the words or something. The second one especially caught my eye, perhaps in the intensity.


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