Nutrition and exhaustion

Training for my second my second marathon, I find that I think about food a lot lately.  While I do a long run, I think about what I’d like to eat.  Late at night, I think about what I shouldn’t eat.  I’ve started to crave cheese.  Not cheep oily cheese, either.  Rich, creamy blue cheese.  I only eat about a tablespoon full every other day, but it hits the spot. 

Today, a speaker talked to the class I teach about nutrition.  Think I eat fairly well.  She had all of us write down everything we ate yesterday.  I discovered that I eat about six little meals a day.  Granted, one is only an apple, and another is half of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, but it still looked like a lot. 

I’ve been working up a little something for Poetry Thursday.  The suggestion this week is unfinished conversations.  When I was a kid, I’d sit on the bus and think about things I wished I’d said, and then next thing you knew, I’d be moving my hands, face, and mouth as if I were having these conversations.  People noticed.  You can fill in the blanks from there. 

Actually, I don’t think anyone really noticed. 


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5 responses to “Nutrition and exhaustion

  1. “next thing you knew, I’d be moving my hands, face, and mouth as if I were having these conversations.”

    Um, I still do this.

  2. You consider an apple a meal? that sounds more like a snack. I feel this sounds accusitory, so sorry if it does. I think a lot about food too, but it is because I had/have an eating disorder. I don’t practice any more but it is like being an alcoholic…always there in the back of your mind.

  3. Well, I have my own history with eating disorders, which could explain why I think of an apple as a meal.

    and as for the conversations, I do this still at times, too. I think it is more common than we all believe.

  4. I hate apples. I had a long conversation with myself this morning about it.

  5. I’ve done that all my life – rewrite conversations with all the dialogue I wasn’t quick enough to think of at the time! Maybe writers are all built that way. Frankly though, I really enjoy the conversations I have with myself. I love talking to smart people. LOL.

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