This weekend

On Sunday, I plan on running a ten miler in the ninety degree heat. 

If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  We runners are really stupid.  We have the need to run every inch that we even think about running.  There are times when just walking down a sidewalk or along a hall isn’t quick enough for unknown reasons.  I need the acid of running in my thighs and lungs.

It’s nearly a compulsion, or perhaps it is one.  Is there anyone else here who laves to run this much?


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2 responses to “This weekend

  1. Yep. I totally blew out my knees before I was 30 because I was so obssessed with running. Ran 12 miles every day rain, heat, sleet whatever. Had many bouts of heatstroke. For a long time after I could no longer run, I could not work out at all because everything else was a demotion.

    Be sure you are doing weight training to build up muscle in your legs so you don’t rip up your cartilage!

    (Now I weight train and WALK (egads!) and am happy!

  2. I totally agree with twitches. I was a runner. Loved it, flying with my feet, ingesting the sweet country air as if it were all I would ever need. However, your bones and connective tissue absorb a tremendous amount of G force from heal up to head. To paraphrase twitches, now I weight train and BIKE and am happy. But I do miss flying down the roads and paths…

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