What do I want to write…

What do I want to do?  I have a kickball game in an hour.  I need to get ready, especially as I plan to stay on that end of town to do a run afterward.  But, right now I only want to write.  There are days when the feel of keys beneath fingers, holding out then giving in, is mystical.  All that clickity-clack-clickity-clack-clacketing. 

A little evening running ought to pound it right out of my head.  I’ll do laps around the park we play in.  I’ll be sweaty and gross when I return home.  Ready for bed.  In the early hours of dawn, I’ll be ready to do it again on this turf, the cobble stones and bricks of this little village I live in.  A village in a city.  Having grown up in a true village, I get how funny that is. 

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