The Newest Search

why did you use me just for sex poems

Is that you, searching for me?  If it is, you need to know that you are the one who used.  You know who you are, you never update your blog.  I know, because I check it occasionally, still.  Ever since our first date, when you told me about it, I’ve read your last post over and over.

Yes, I write about us, about our bodies together.  But you used me.  I know that this is all paranoia, that you are not who wrote that search.  The fact that you never call tells me this.  The last time I saw you in the flesh, you kissed me, grabbed my ass, and said, “see you, sweetheart.”  After that, you never called, and never answered calls I dialed up.  This is not you.  I know that.

But who are you, dear searcher?  Are you used like me?  Reading this blog, do you identify with the one who used his way into verse?  Please, return, leave a comment, and turn this end into another new beginning.

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