The pain, the ecstasy

This is my new favorite game. 

A while back, noone found this blog thru search engine terms.  Then I started blogging about how people found this blog..  I’ve gone from days of no-one reading this, to days when lots of people read it. 

Yesterday, a lot of people read this by clicking on a link thru a search engine.  One, in particular, captures me.  Backache and ecstasy.  Pain and sublime happiness.  Logic says that this person was looking to see if the drug, ecstasy (which I think could be spelled with an x), causes back pain.  I, though, think that this is a person with a serious back issue, like a slipped disc.  This person has been bed ridden for a year now, spends 20 out of every 24 hours in bed.  He has tried everything the doctors gave him, but nothing has worked.  He can’t work or make love to his wife.  He had to get one of those Craftmatic adjustable beds and a scooter.  People point at him when he goes out, and he started to eat things to avoid thinking about it all.  He sits in his bed, supported, and eats ice cream, steak, and pie. 

One day, he thinks of the drugs he used as a youth, quickly skipping over cannabis, he recalls dancing, moving in ways that he hadn’t thought possible.  He remembers little pills with ‘x’s’ on them.  He asks his wife to bring the lap top.

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