Storm Worship

When I was a kid, whenever there was a tornado or any other sort of severe weather, they just ran a banner at the top of the screen.  There were a few beeps and a little county map in the corner.  Now, though, any little warning is a huge event. 

They have to have they want to have the meteorologist on to explain to us what a warning versus a watch means.  He stands in front of the maps and explain Doppler Radar.  They are like vultures, hoping that something drastic happens so that they have the chance of being on the national news.  That’s right, Jim Ganahl, You are benefiting on the pain of others. 

How did this happen?  Did it start with Katrina?  Was it happening before that?  And when did we, as a public, become so inept that it takes an hour to cover one storm?

Weather Person
standing in front of  maps,

green and red and yellow
and waiting for disaster

to make your name
hold something, like a gage

set out to collect
rainwater.  measure and track

yourself, your rise and fall
in the next hour, waiting

for the National Weather Service
to cancel all warnings,

shutting a door
on your future.

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