Drink beer + sunscreen

This is the new best way that anyone has found this blog.  This person was probably trying to find out about the effects of alcohol consumption on their favorite SPF.  Perhaps they thought that they were using SPF 45 last weekend, but after a long barbecue, they still got burnt.  Perhaps someone likes to drink in the hot mid day sun.  It is a she, of course, as mainly she’s worry about sunscreen.  She wants to wear a tank top on her booze cruise this weekend and has a nasty predisposition for bad sunburns.  Once, she even had one that blistered at the shoulders and on her back.  She still wears scars.  The cruising and boozing is in honor of her sisters impending wedding.  Her sister has always supported her in every choice, even when she went to New York City to find a new life without even getting a job first.

Perhaps this person was suicidal, and thinks that drinking beer and sunscreen would be a good way to go.  Or they think that the sunscreen will protect them against a hangover.  They heard from her friend’s sister that this would work.  She is a teen, and she thinks that sunscreen on her lips can fool a breathalyzer. 

All of this milling around in her head, she types the words into google, and up I pop.


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5 responses to “Drink beer + sunscreen

  1. How do you find out the search terms people use to find your blog? It’s fascinating. I love the way you can run with such tidbits of information, give a random Googler a life.

  2. Also, I love it when your blog says “There are one comments.” 🙂

  3. Hey Twitches…
    Thanks for reading and commenting. WordPress is great because it tells you how people linked to your site, wether they read it after clicking on a tag, on a post I put elsewhere, (like the poetry thursday website), and what search engine terms they used.
    Another funny one, yesterday and today someone found this site by typing in “can you wear a bra to sleep”. It makes me think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.
    Also, I got a hit thru “my space + dietitian”. That post is getting a little action.
    Happy Friday.

  4. Well, if you ever use any vaguely sexual terms in your blog, look forward to getting some really twisted sex-related searches. I happen to be the number one destination for “foreskin blog”. Not the claim to fame I was hoping for, but it’s something.

  5. I love this post! It’s so great to imagine the story behind those random Google search terms, what a fantastic idea.

    Yesterday, someone found mine by typing “sit back in the hotel deaf” — I wonder what their story was. And last week, my favorite was “my underwear was showing.” The poor girl.

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