When a bad day gets better (I really want to run)

I was cranky last night.  I had planned on running before breakfast yesterday, but I just couldn’t wake up.  So, I slept, and slept, and slept until it was time to go to work.  Stressful things happened at work, of course, and then I went to my kickball game.  I like playing, I like the excuse to shout and goof off, but there’s a person on the team who takes the teasing people thing too seriously, and it just shuts down any outgoingness I have.  Arrgh. 

So, when I got back, I hardly wanted to put in four miles, but I got out there, anyway.  Running along, nearly finished with the first one (a park loop) when a woman who has been walking stops me.  “How do you do that, how do you run, I really want to run,” she says. 

I smile and tell her I started out walking just like her, and she says that she also walks on a tread and occasionally throws in a little running.  She says that she thinks I look great, and I share the little running history I have with her, how I used to be huge, and have run a marathon, and can continue to run even though I am not a tiny girl. 

She tells me that just seeing me running earlier inspired her to do another lap.  I thought that that was great, and told her that talking to her really made my day.  I saw her on the next lap, and we both giggled and waved.

So, I had a great run, and it was easier to sleep because of it.  however, I tried to blog, and it wasn’t happening.  I had trouble with the  <pre> thing that I was trying, and it froze the old gateway.  I’ve been trying to stick to these writing goals I’ve set for myself and I don’t have any follow thru.  I’ll post it all at a later date.  now, it’s coffee time.

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