WordPress, Formatting, and Poetry

Since I’ve been posint poems, I have had a problem.  Expressly, my problem is that the format of wordpress gives an automatic extra space whenever you hit enter, and I don’t know how to over ride this for when I write poetry.  Does b\indention work to combat this?

But these problems we tend to make

are just our excuses for hate

OK, no  It has to be something I can do in HTML, right?  Can someone tell me the secret.  This is the first time I’ve looked a the page from a normal sized screen, (I have a laptop that I usually use) and because I’ve been using just the space bar to make poems come out right, they don’t look right here, they are spaced out where I don’t want them to be. 

Free mental good vibes for anyone who posts the answer. Thanks!


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2 responses to “WordPress, Formatting, and Poetry

  1. What you need is the [pre] tag as it preserves both spaces and line breaks. Then you can markup your poems exactly as you like.

    Look over here:

    If you want to solve the problems of the double linebreaks, I think using Shift-enter might solve that (as it creates a line break), in stead of using Enter (which creates a paragraph).
    Hope this helps !

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ingrid. The shift+enter worked like a charm. Enjoy a cookie and coffee at your cafe and pretend I bought it for you….

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