Poetry Thursday

Last night my dreams were Siamese

twins, joined at the hip and shoulder                                                                                                       but paternal, nonetheless

they rolled in my brain, and were born                                                                                                      as the usual children are, and caused a lot of pain

with their width and monstrosity.  In one                                                                                                     a man stood in the door to my room

and it was dark.  In another, I taught a class                                                                                            that would not listen.  I skimmed the surface

of sleep, in a cedar and wicker boat.


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6 responses to “Poetry Thursday

  1. I really like this; sparse, which I am not good at being, and incredibly interesting. Shouldn’t make sense, it seems, yet it does. On first read I missed the tabbed-over words, and it still made sense. To me anyway. Dreamy. Mysterious. Nice.

  2. Jim

    The textures, cross-currents, so magical to experience! Oh, to be in that cedar and wicker boat.

  3. Thank you both. Sory about the awkward spacing. For this post to look like the poem it is in this blog’s frame, I have to be creative with spacing. So the places that you see as tabbed over really arent, it is in four couplets with two single lines encasing them. Uh, yeagh, I love poetry thursday

  4. the second reading of this caused this poem, these words, to come alive.
    i appreciate the way i feel like i can touch these words…
    thank you for sharing this one.

    happy poetry thursday to you!

  5. At first, I didn’t see the words to the right, so the poem was a little confusing for me. Fortunately, I figured it out, reread it, and I think it’s very, very interesting. Boy, do I like that ending. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I like the metaphor of the siamese twins for your dreams, and how they seemed conjoined with reality at times, but nonetheless a distortion of it, “caused a lot of pain with their width and monstrosity”. It’s such an interesting (and apt) way of describing dreams.

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