I really like that CD.  Death Cab for Cutie.

Anyway, my space is slowly sucking me in.  Arrgh, I am one of those people I hate.  So trendy, so uncool.  Finding people I had forgotten rocked so much.  Finding new people who rock.  Finding that I like to use the word “rock” too much. 

So. plans I have currently:

  1. Buy new running shoes
  2. Write new poems
  3. Work on kick ass fiction
  4. Chill with pals
  5. wash dishes

Ok, so not necessarily in that order, of course.  I also need to sign up for the marathons I want to run this year: Columbus and Vegas.  I know that they are too close together , but I figure I can justify it by running an ultra next year:  they are just training runs…

I need a writing schedule that reads like my running schedule: X pages one day, X poems the next.  Does that work?  In college, I could crank out 3 new poems a day, and keep up on revisions, and go to classes, and read, and chop firewood and cook and grocery shop for fourteen hungry, physical students.  I can’t even manage one of these tasks now.  I want to be prolific again. 

I think that enrolling in grad school again could help.  But what is the first step I should take?  I’ve toyed with the idea of getting back in touch with college professors, with trying to get published, or taking a few classes under the continuing ed title and then using these teachers as references.  I always planned on getting the old PhD, and now I think I physically yearn for it.  It’s built into a lot more than paper for this little poetess… Or someday novelist.

For now, I feel stagnant.  It’s those damn I needs sneeking in again.  Can’t keep the I needs out these days. 

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One response to “Plans

  1. Wow, I found this blog at random. I like Death Cab too. Am also a writer.
    Keep trying to publish. One thing for sure, if you stop trying, it won’t happen.
    Great work ethic will get you somewhere someday.
    Love your Paris poem.

  2. Yes, Death Cab has also got me. And Myspace. I spend entirely too much time there. Watch out, or I may find you and ask you to be my friend.

    I’d be excited to hear about your grad school plans/ideas. I’ve considered the PhD in Lit but the thought of getting references after so much time has passed scares me away. Oh and the GRE subject test. I keep talking myself in circles and end up doing nothing.

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