Elvis Costello in Concert

Last night, I went to see Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint in concert.  I got lawn seats, and the venue was quite small.  The concert was intimate, which is just what you want in an Elvis Costello concert.

Now, you need to hear this slight disclaimer, dear reader:  I have been madly in love with Costello since I was ten and first heard Green Shirt.  Or perhaps it was Veronica.

Anyway, the concert opened with Costello and his band playing a song or two, and then Toussaint and a horn section joined them.  Before this concert, I didn’t know anything about Troussaint’s work.  Now I’d go see him if he was in town on his own or if I was in New Orleans.  He was great.  He sang a few of his old songs, and Elvis Sang songs that they wrote together, like “The Sharpest Thorn”.  And in one of the Encores, Costello did sing Alison.  (Everyone has been asking)

The crowd was great, too.  It consisted with a good cross section of Columbus: hipsters, girls with Mohawks, older couples, frat guys.  I went with a co-worker.  Like most of those around us, we sat thru the first part of the concert, which included “monkey to man”.  But when Costello busted out “pump it up”, there was no more sitting.

As one would expect of the guy who wrote “Oliver’s Army”, policits was a topic Friday evening.  Costello pointed out that the show had no special effects and then said that the only prop was a George W. Bush action figure, which did nothing, a lot like the real one, and was actual size.  He pointed out that the administration’s lack luster response to Katrina created this tour.

All in all, a great show.  and I also wanted to say that the LC is a fun venue.  Especially the rocking staff member who let me get right in front of the stage during the encore even though I only had a lawn ticket.  She kicked ass.

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  1. I don’t know how you couldn’t totally fall in love with Elvis Costello after Veronica. Seriously.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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