The end of a month

It is the last day in June.  July means that summer is nearly over and I still haven’t even booked vacation time.  I don’t have a lot of poems ready to send out, and I have only been swimming once, I’ve run one-hundred-sixteen miles.  Perhaps I should have been a teacher like the parents begged me to, if only because then I’d have the summer off. 

So, the end of the month and I’ve written 8 poems, put in one submission, had no promising dates, tried to solve unsolvable work problems, and now I’ll go to a concert tonight: Elvis Costello.  I’ll post how it is.

So far, this little blog that could has topped out at around sixteen views a day, I think.  Either that or forty, not sure how to read the meters.  Thanks to the vague titles I use for posts, the only thing that gets this site up on the search engines is the term green broke.  I’m pretty sure those views glance and then hit back. 

Well, thats the review of this month.  Here’s hoping for a good July.

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