After work today, I pulled weeds in the rain.  I have no desire to get out of this shell tonight, so I drink beer to keep me here.  That is what was good about having a lover for a while, an arm to pin me to the bed early in the morning when the anxious energy I tend to radiate is pulling me awake. 

Now, I have to rely on other things.  Occasionally, beer, occasionally I'll read and read and read.  I got poems together and sent them out; I worry about the yard. 

Listening to Death Cab for Cutie.  Thinking about going back to school.  First, though, I need to get published.  Before I can do that, I need to do laundry, as I plan on running about twelve or so miles in the morning and I can't if I don't have a clean pair of shorts and sports bra. 

I think of blogging as pulling the weeds in my brain.  It's like journaling in a public manner.  Extroversion for the natural introvert.

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