A little closer

Just whiling away the hour between running and work.  The sun was out earlier, around six, but then it started to sprinkle just as I finished mile six.  There was a helicopter hanging over the eastern part of the city.  I pretended I was a video game character running for cover.  The house was the safe zone.

Not that I don't like running in the rain.  I love it, in fact.  Whenever I know it will be raining in the afternoon, I try to save the old run for then.  At five am, there are other people running, people walking, people taking their dogs to the park.  In the rain, though, the city is yours.  There are other runners, a few, not all of them, who are about, but they understand that the city is yours, because they do it for the same reason.  Or they don't, and they just respect your dedication. 

But that is not what I set out to write about.  I set out to write about the commencement speech that David Sedaris gave at Princeton.  It is brilliant, and I reccomend reading it. 

When I graduated college, we had the worst speaker ever.  He spoke about the war, and nuclear weapons.  It was crap, and I am still a little pissed.  But then, I didn't go anywhere as illustrious as Princeton, soooo…

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