Craig’s List, kickball, and the meaning of it all

I had my first kickball game tonight.  It rocked.  We lost ten to three.  I yelled a lot, and even got someone out at second.  I found the team on Craigslist, and like everything else there, it is wonderful and odd. 

Reading thru Craig's List could definitely inspire stories and plots, or at least characters.  The last guy I was really involved with used to use the phrase "interesting character" too much, so I'd pinch him.  (he asked me to.) 

The more I get out, the more and better I write when I get back.  The things I need weigh less.  I spend more, but think about how little I have less.  I can let that loud goof out to play a little.  It makes the quiet, introspective me less awkward.

Lately, I'm really into the sorts of candy we used to get at the pool as kids.  Cow tales, Boston beans, lemon heads.  Not to eat, though, I like to paste them onto canvas, into paintings.  It looks crazy good.  perhaps a candy coated poem is in the works…

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  1. Craig’s List does have an endless array of (oddly) inspiring people, situations, missed connections, etc. and etc.! Sometimes it all seems more implausible than fiction, you know? I like what you said about writing more and better after you get out. Conclusion? I obviously need to get out more.

    p.s. A candy-coated poem sounds like perfection.

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