A list, I think

I've decided to write a list today. 

2. Because when a poem is whispering in my ear, I need to pace until it can be extracted.

3. And a list is a perfect pace.  And I already wrote a grocery list.

4. I think the latest question mark in life is married.  Because he calls at 7 in the morning.

5. And what guy who you aren't sleeping with wants to do that if he has the choice of calling after work?

6. But who cares, right, I won't see him anyway.

7.  The poem features an Eiffel Tower shaped salt shaker and sex on the kitchen table.

8. Unsuccessful sex, the most interesting kind.

9.  When you are in a poetry vein in your head, even a grocery list is art, and takes a while to write. 

0.  the grocery list today became a poem, itself.  Between the ground turky and cheesecake, I had to look for love.  What isle do you think that would be in?  Between a dictionary and lightbulbs, I scoured the freezer section for hands at the small of my back. 

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