monkeys with towels

It's been proven that a monkey can bond with a towel that has a rubber ball for a head.  This does not mean that the towel needs, loves, or wants the monkey back.  Just a random thought I had the other day while driving to work. 

Well, not too random I suppose.  People are all the time trying to bond with things / people / animals that just aren't going to return the favor.  People who have psycho dogs for instance.  I know that some dogs that appear psycho to others are benign to their people.  However, I am talking about dogs that snarl even at the hands that feed them.  Their owners are all like, "Oh, he has had such a bad life before here." 

Or cars. There are people who put more time into washing their cars every week than they do into washing themselves every month.   That car is not going to love you back.  It will not wrap its arms around you and squeeze.  It could, however, flip over on the highway and kill you.

People who love porn are the best.  They think that because they get off to the stars, the stars should be getting off to them as well. 

In short, everyone has a towel with a little rubber ball.  Sometimes you just want something so bad that anything will do. 

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