People are all the time saying strange things to me.  You'd think I'd get used to it, but I remain oddly shockable.  It's been happening since I was twelve, when a carnie was giving away free rulers to kids under fifteen.  I asked for one and he said that I had to be at least seventeen.  I said I was twelve and he just refused to believe it and would not give me a ruler.  Then he started with all these odd sexual comments.  Sick freak. 

Some of the people who say these things say them because they think I'll give validation to their thoughts or needs.  I have that sort of demeanor, of an acceptor.  Perhaps a bit of a pushover. 

 I like it, though, because I get so much insight out of knowing these extremes of human thought and sharing exist, even on the most casual levels.  I've dated a lot of guys that friends refer to as pricks.  This could have a little to do with everything above. 

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